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Mickie Lane Co.

What every home and body needs...

- Mickie Lane - 

     Mickie Lane Co. formerly known as Mickie Lanes Sheacare was established in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Black owned, ran and operated solely by Mickie Lane a mother of two. 

Yes, I do it all! 


     Becoming a skincare/candle business wasn’t my initial goal.  It was to learn how to make body butters to prevent stretchmarks during my pregnancy. A goal I met! 9 months of pregnancy without a single stretch mark in sight. With my success came friend and family requests for body butters. The rave I received for more gave me an excitement and interest to expand and learn more about formulating various products.  Formulating became a relaxing and therapeutic high.  Eventually with the push from my sister I decided to turn my new profound hobby into a business and expand on the products I was offering.  Mickie Lane Co., is more than just a business; it’s my therapeutic happy space.


     Exotic Luxe is my business motto.  I strive to provide exclusivity throughout my line by using rare and exotic ingredients that aren’t widely available in today’s market with upscale packaging. Who doesn’t like exclusive products?  Products that will not only make you look, feel and smell good but will also treat and condition your skin.  As well as help aide in controlling and reducing various skin ailments. My products are formulated using safe, non-toxic and non-chemical ingredients that appeal to both the natural and vegan community.  Mickie Lane Co. also specializes in home fragrances.  Bringing you luxury scents in one of a kind decorative wood wick candles that will make your nose dance. 

     Now enough about me, get to shopping!

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