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Ignite your spirit and immerse yourself in the empowering ambiance of "The Writings" Affirmations Candle. This exquisite 10oz candle is thoughtfully crafted with a wood wick, a coconut blend wax, and infused with the captivating scent of Mandarin Spice.


The scent of Mandarin Spice is a harmonious fusion of invigorating citrus notes blended with warm, aromatic spices. It envelops your space with an uplifting and energizing aroma that awakens your senses, setting the perfect mood to kick start your day or infuse your surroundings with confidence and words of encouragement.


Designed with care, the label of "The Writings" Affirmations Candle features a collection of empowering affirmations that speak directly to your soul. Each label proudly displays affirmations such as "I am beautiful," "I create my own happiness," "I am successful," and many more. Let the flickering flame of this candle serve as a gentle reminder of your inner strength, resilience, and limitless potential.


Light "The Writings" Affirmations Candle and allow its empowering scent and affirmations to uplift your spirit, boost your confidence, and create an atmosphere of positivity and self-belief. It is a testament to your unwavering determination and serves as a beacon of hope, reminding you that you are capable of achieving greatness and deserving of love and blessings.

“The Writings” Affirmation Candle

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  • Wax Type: Coconut Wax Blend

    Wax Weight: 10 oz

    Wick Type: Crackling Wood Wick

    Fragrance Oil: Phthalate Free

    Wooden Wick: FSC Certified, Eco-Friendly and handcrafted in the USA

  • Upon first use allow your candle to burn until the entire surface is melted (approx. 4 hours). This will help prolong the life of your candle.


    Never burn candle longer than 4 hours.


    Trim wick ¼ before each lighting to prevent high flames and sooting. If either occurs extinguish immediately, trim wick and relight.


    Keep all embedded objects away from flame or make sure to remove prior to lighting.


    Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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