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  • Mickie Lane

Tips On How to Enhance the Use of Your Room + Linen Freshener

The sense of smell is one of the strongest human senses. Breathing in a pleasant scent can bring about certain emotions and/or memories. Filling your home with satisfying aromas isn’t all about making the space smell nice but also evoking pleasurable emotions/memories from within.

Our Room + Linen Freshener has many uses that go way beyond what the name suggest. Refreshing your room and linen can be a good reason to stock up but there are other ways to enhance the use of the product such as:

  • Refreshing your loungewear to mask food or smoke odors

  • Spritz furniture and home accessories (ie: throw pillows, sofa, rug, curtains) to aide in a long-lasting aroma

  • Impress your house guests by freshening guest robes and bath towels

  • Spray the inside of your trash receptacle or scent cotton balls with a few sprays and toss in trash receptacle or any other corner space to maintain a pleasant aroma. This same method works in place of dryer sheets. Scenting wool dryer balls and then tossing them in the dry cycle will not only save you money but scent your laundry wonderfully.

  • Keep our small 1.80 oz size Room + Linen Freshener in your vehicle to freshen up the space as needed.

Now that you’ve been enlightened on how far beyond the use of our Room + Linen Freshener reaches outside the name stock up here and thank me later with a product review 😊.

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